EATC provides different products & components for industrial, residential & commercial sectors.


PLC Components & Spares

EATC offers a complete range of products and services for industrial automation projects in the listed  categories:

         • Controllers/Micro PLC's
         • Distributed Control Systems
         • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI's)
         • Remote Terminal Unit's
         • Distributed I/O modules 
         • Power Supplies
         • Sensors

We provide PLC components of Siemens, Schneider-Electric, Allen Bradley, ABB, GE, OMRON and many others.

Drives and Motor Control Products

EATC offers a complete range of instrumentation products in the listed categories:

         • Drives & Servo Drives
         • Motors & Servomotors
         • Circuit breakers & Switches
         • Soft Starters 
         • Relays
         • Motor Contactors
         • Actuators
         • Encoders

We provide drives and instrumentation products from Siemens, Schneider-electric, Allen Bradley, ABB, GE ,lenze, Mitsubishi, SEW and many others.


EATC offers a complete range of Control Valves, Pressure, Flow & Temperature Transmitters products in the listed categories:

         • Pressure sensors, Pressure gauges, Pressure indicators and Pressure calibrators
         • CO2, humidity and temperature transmitters
         • Flow-meters
         • Differential pressure flow-meters
         • Electric control valves
         • Butterfly valves
         • Solenoid valves

We cover the products of Fisher, Danfoss, Rotex, Spirax-Sarco, Bieri, Schubert-Salzer and many other brands.

Solar Panels, Chargers, Batteries & Accessories

EATC offers a complete range of solar system products and solar accessories in the listed categories:

         • Photovoltaic solar panels
         • Battery for solar installations
         • Solar Inverter
         • Solar Battery Charger
         • Power distribution cable for solar installation
         • Solar Concentrator
         • Solar Energy Products such as solar heaters, lightings, street lights, home lights, exterior
           lightings, solar lanterns, keychain-flashlight, calculator etc.

We service Suntech, Solarfun, Huber-Suhner, Sharp-Solar, Krempe, Solar-Wind and many other brands.

Small Wind Turbines (Domestic Use)

EATC offers small wind turbines solutions ranging in capacity from 600 W to 10 KW with the following features:

         • Affordable electricity from the wind all year round
         • Quiet and reliable long life design
         • Small Windfarm Installations
         • Full technical assistance and backup

LED Based Lighting System

EATC offers a complete range of LED products in the listed categories:

         • High-power LED lighting
         • LED bulbs, tubes and spotlights
         • LED lighting for industrial vision
         • LED lighting for workstations
         • LED street lighting
         • Infrared, Ultraviolet, SMD, Colored lighting LED's

Our main service: Unilumin, Simon. Osram. Edison. Nightsearcher, Ledtronics, GLS and many other local brands which have been popularly used in projects.

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